Load Management

What is load management?

Load management is a way of deferring some electrical usage (load) during periods of high use to times when there is less demand for electric energy.

How will load management save money?

Over 80% of PCRPPD’s costs to purchase your electricity is based on use during “peak demand” periods. Load management is both a practical and economical way to reduce this cost. We currently save thousands of dollars by managing irrigation load. Additional savings can be realized by managing residential loads.

Paying less to purchase your electricity means that less money leaves our community each and every month. Load management also enables us to distribute your electricity more efficiently. This means fewer substations, poles and wires to serve the same number of customers.

For nearly 30 years many irrigation customers have saved several thousands of dollars in power costs by diverting irrigation hours to “off-peak” times. The program participants receive a direct incentive towards their annual horsepower charges.

Load Management Information:  (800) 239-9590

Stromsburg Exchange 764-4510

To find out today’s load management information, click here.

When PCRPPD is monitoring and managing system load, whether it is irrigation or residential load management, we want to keep customers informed and up to date with the most current information regarding load management times.  You may call the toll free number as listed above to find out what hours during the day your irrigation services, central air systems or electric water heaters will be under load management.  For more information on how you can save money by participating in load management programs, please visit our customer service tab.

Load management notification

Many customers are using cellular phones to keep informed and to make business decisions and have requested that we notify them of hours of operation of load management by text message and e-mail.

Customers requesting participation in this program will sign a disclaimer prior to activation and submit their e-mail address and/or cell phone number to be stored in a database. This service will be in addition to the toll free number and website notification currently in use. There is no fee for this service.  We can accept up to three customer numbers for notification.  Any customers who wish to receive emails or text messages must firsts complete a TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act) form giving us written permission to contact them through automation.

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