Heat Pump Contractor

Choosing a contractor to install the system is the most important decision you will make when buying a heat pump. This, even more important than brand name and price, can have the greatest impact on the life and efficiency of the system because most problems with heat pumps result not from poor equipment, but improper installation.

Use the following check list to evaluate contractors who are bidding on installing a heat pump.  And remember that the lowest bid will not necessarily be the one you should accept.

A thorough heat-gain/heat-loss calculation is highly recommended to assure proper sizing of the heat pump system.  Although, it should include a cost of operation analysis.

Check List

Will the contractor do a heat-gain/heat-loss calculation and show you the results before installing the heat pump system?    Yes___    No___

Ask the contractor their personal opinion of heat pumps.  Do they speak favorably of them and sound as enthusiastic about them as you are?  Yes___    No___

A properly designed heat pump system requires precisely designed ductwork.  Did they clearly explain the ductwork they will install?    Yes___    No___

Does the ductwork need to be insulated?    Yes___    No___

Do they offer a guarantee of satisfaction upon completion of the installation?    Yes___    No___

Have they explained what parts and labor the warranty covers and for how long?    Yes___    No___

Do they offer an extended warranty?    Yes___    No___

Do they provide 24-hour emergency service?    Yes___    No___

Will they provide an owners manual and clear instructions for homeowners maintenance, especially air filter replacement/cleaning?    Yes___    No___

Have their installers received the AHRI (American Heating and Refrigeration Institution) certification for the installation they will be making?    Yes___    No___

When was the last training seminar attended?    Date:_____________________

The contractor should be installing or subcontracting all associated water line connections so this is included in the installation cost of a ground-source heat pump.  Has this been included?    Yes___    No___

To receive the most benefit from a desuperheater on a ground-source heat pump, a storage tank should be installed in addition to the electric water heater.  Did they suggest or include a storage tank in the estimate?    Yes___    No___

Heat pump installers are typically not licensed electricians and therefore do not include the cost of wiring required to make it a ‘turn-key’ operation.  Have they listed this and all other requirements that will be the homeowner’s responsibility?    Yes___    No___

The contractor should supply at least five local references for you to visit with.  List them below, then contact them.


Heat Pump Information
Brand Name____________________
Size in Tons_____________________
Auxiliary Heat kW________________
SEER/EER Rating ________________
Open Loop_____ Closed Loop______
Total Bid Price $__________________

The above information is provided by the Nebraska-Iowa Electric Council. The council is a non-profit organization comprised of wholesale electric suppliers, electric manufacturers, the University of Nebraska College of Agriculture and related professional associations throughout the states of Nebraska and Iowa.