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Outage Information

Reliability of electrical service ranks high among Polk County Rural Public Power District priorities. When an outage does occur, please call our office:

Linemen are on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
Report all trouble calls or outages to:

(402) 764-4381

If you experience an outage or other service problems, there are a few steps you can follow to expedite the service call and restoration of power.  Please have the following information available when reporting the service problem.

  • Check your breakers or fuses.
  • Check to see if your neighbors have power.
  • Indicate your name or the name the account may be listed under.
  • Give the account number as listed on your monthly statement.
  • If you don’t have the account number available, you may get the meter serial number off the meter.
  • Know the legal description or street address for the location of the service without power.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Outages cannot always be prevented.  Storms, high winds, lightning, tree contact, animal contact, and vehicle accidents are among the most common causes for power outages.  It is a common work practice for PCRPPD to perform maintenance programs to ensure equipment is updated and functioning properly.  A continued right-of-way tree trimming program has eliminated many outages over past years.  No matter how hard we work at keeping outages to a minimum, the causes of some outages are beyond our control.

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Voltage Fluctuation or Power Surges

Voltage fluctuations

There are many different reasons that voltage may fluctuate at your service.  The two most noticeably fluctuations are through dimming or unusually brighter than normal lighting and noting that electrical motors sound different.

If you notice either of these conditions, or any others, contact Polk County RPPD immediately.  Voltage fluctuation can damage or destroy electrical appliances or motors.

Power surges

Power surges are sudden powerful increases in voltage that can damage or destroy household appliances and electronic equipment.  While lightning is dramatic in effect, it is by no means the major cause of power surges.  Birds, animals and trees interfering with power lines and auto accidents involving utility poles may cause power surges.

Just think about it…when was the last time you noticed your lights dim momentarily?  If you have experienced a power surge of any magnitude, please contact Polk County RPPD at 402/764-4381 as soon as possible.

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