Billing FAQ

Will I Be Disconnected And For What Reasons?

Please follow the link below which contains our disconnection of service policy.

My Bill Is Too High

Every once in a while, customers contact us because they believe their meter isn’t working properly or because they aren’t sure they used the amount of electricity noted on their statement.  When you contact us, we look at several areas in order to decide if something is wrong.

Knowing how much electricity appliances use also helps.  In our electric appliance link, you can look at the usage values and add up a typical day in order to see what your “average” bill may be.  In general terms, it is not unusual for a family of four in an all-electric home to use between 70 and 80 kilowatt hours a day (about $4.50).  Not bad considering a specialty coffee will cost that for one person.  So, $4.50 x 30 days = $135.00.  Again, this is in general terms, your lifestyle, home type, insulation values, and outside weather temperature(s) will all affect usage.  In the summer months of June, July, August, and September, the energy charge per kilowatt-hour will increase.  As temperatures rise, so does consumption, which increases your bill.  There is nothing typical about usage and everyone’s usage varies from day to day and family to family.  Please try not to compare your statement with your family or friends.

There is no way to estimate incidental use such as turning a light on for only a moment, but your meter will total the accumulation of all of this type of use.  This guide was developed to help our customers check their electricity use.

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Billing Fees
All customers will receive a statement for each service listed in their name. Please note the due date on each bill.  Paying the bill prior to the 10th of each month will save you money.

When an account balance is not paid by the 10th of each month, a late fee of $10 per account plus penalty at the rate of 1.5% per month on any unpaid account balance will be assessed and a disconnect notice will be sent or emailed.

The disconnect will have a final date for payment, before being disconnected.  If the account balance is not paid or the customer has not notified the office to make payment arrangements, a lineman will be sent to disconnect the service.

If the lineman is able to collect on a disconnect, a $40.00 collection fee will be charged.

If the service is disconnected for non-payment, a $60.00 connection fee will be charged.  The reconnection fee and any account balance should be paid in full prior to the restoration of service.  After 24 hours if an after-hours reconnect is requested the reconnect fee is $100.00.

If the customer does not have a deposit with the District and service is disconnected for non-payment, a deposit, reconnection fee, and the account balance will be required prior to restoration of service.

Non-sufficient fund checks will be charged $35.00 per return.

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Security Deposits
Polk County RPPD requires that all new customers or existing customers who request that service be changed to another name will sign and notarize an “Agreement for Service”.

 New and existing PCRPPD customers will go through a credit check to determine if a deposit is needed or not. A deposit will be required if a customer has previously had service which was disconnected for non-payment.

Security Deposits
Residential Services
Less than 10kVa/kW
Greater than 10kVa/kW

Small Commercial (25kVa to 100kVa) Minimum of
Large Commercial (100+ kVa) Minimum of
Note: Commerical Deposits are based on the greater of highest estimated monthly bill or the minimum amount

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